Do some places have unusual energy?

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I am an anti-believer. I don’t just not believe, I make fun of the ones who do. But then, a few times in a lifetime, there are occurrences, places, people who take you beyond the immediate.

I believe in energy zones, though. Some places have very palpable influences, they would soothe you in an unnatural way, make your hair stand, give you a sense of deja vu or agitate you.

This spot in Mahabalipuram, near the butter ball, is one of the most powerful ones I have experienced. We walked around, we saw the carvings and then we sat for a while. It was immediately soothing. It was under the trees, even the rocks were cold to touch and it was calming in an unusual way. Not a gradual calm that you experience via mediation but more of a sudden call for order.

You relax and you stay relaxed. Even when you worry why you are feeling so relaxed. We sit for ten minutes, get up and leave, we walk a few steps and then we can’t. It was as if we were not done, yet. So, we come back, sit down and after another fifteen minutes, we feel satiated if that’s the word. And, we can leave in peace.

I believe all religions are full of shit, gods are cartoons that we created and then lost control and all magic is desperation of the viewer. But, then, rationalism also means believing one’s experiences and this place spot, for me, is transcendental.

  • Animesh Bordoloi

    Yes I do believe in energy fields, and yes I too have experienced unusual energy zones in places or even things. These are very hard to explain in words and I think you have expressed it beautifully here.