Indique Restaurant, Jodhpur

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indique jodhpur

Lately, we have hit on a formula. Food trips. Some cities may be stinky, some sights may not be worth the pain, some plans may not work out etc etc. Then, fall back on food. And,it works every time.

This time, after being fed up of the general stink of Jodhpur, we decided to eat the very best places. Indique was at the top of the heap. And, it was such an antidote to everything else. Amazing view of the fort. Amazing khada lamb. This white gravy curry was way better than the laal. But I always liked the safed better.

The Laal maas was good but the Kalinga one may be better, by a really small margin but nevertheless. Here, given the firang crowd, they seem to have turned the spice down a bit and that made the curry pretty tame. The malai tikka platter was satisfying even to Delhi palates.

But as I always say, once out of Delhi, even the most exclusive places outside seem cheap. The cocktails were 250. Big bottles of beer were around 300 and sangria pitcher came at 1500. We were sitting at a place that needed booking a day before, was very niche and we felt rich. Feeling rich has got nothing to do with wealth, all it takes is moving out of Delhi.

indique restaurant jodhpur

view from indique

khada lamb indique

laal maas indique jodhpur

chicken malai tikka

cocktails at indique