Lynchings are acts of journalism

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We hate politicians and there are good reasons why. Most of them proclaim there would be no politics of death and then they go on manufacture riots and rivalries and employ goons to impose authority.

But, we, the normal people should be normal, right? Death, especially unnatural, should shock us. Be it from floods, riots, train accidents, potholes, hit and runs, no matter what, deaths should grab our attention and make us value life, humanity and just plain existence more.

So, when some people brush aside lynchings as imagination or acts of journalism (!!) or continue to play politics over deaths and murder, I get that feeling of utmost disgust. Today, a colleague quoted an article to point out how lynchings have been happening for ever. A neighbour called lynchings acts of journalism, fiction!

What makes you love an ideology more than someone’s life? What makes you the master of people’s lives because you can vote and vote with malice? What makes you such a indifferent, hateful and disgusting beast that everything is a plan, an agenda and a strategy to you? What makes you so inhumane and still have no guilt or shame?