The monster in my hibiscus pot and the dangers of organic farming

Categories Delhi, Humour

There are things we do because we like them, not because we care about the world or are eco warriors or are conservators etc.

In one of my earlier posts, i had mentioned how we created a balcony garden, failed, hired a mali, fired a mali and then i started composting kitchen waste and the balconies turned into Amazonian forests.

But it seems not all efforts lead to good things. That a tenth floor balcony is not a safe place. That you can’t have your garden of eden without a serpent lurking somewhere.

Today morning, as I dug a small hole in the hibiscus pot to bury the mixed peels, I saw something horrible and wriggling. An earthworm.

For god’s sake, we are on tenth floor. And, it’s my house and my plants and my flowers and my joy of watching a hibiscus at sunset. Now, all I can think of is there is a monster crawling underneath the beauty.