Facebook tagging campaign ideas for men

Categories Humour

Why should girls have all the fun! I am tired of seeing women tag each other in some saree challenge, some gorgeous pic, some black and white pic and what not. Yaar hadd hai, hum mardon ka koi tag hi nahin hai.

So, here are a few ideas, let’s finalise one and start a tag. And, these are very man tags, no woman would ever dare hijack this. So, feel free boys.

1. Post a shaving photo of yours and tag real men who shave. No post-shaving, clean pics please. Foam has to be on face.

2. Post a crotch scratching pic and tag your buds who do so.

3. Post a topless pic with a beer bottle balanced on your belly and tag your beer buddies.

Let’s start and show the women that tags are for men too.