Why I am not giving up on Rahul Gandhi

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Okay, I have been saying it to everyone I meet. Time to say it to everyone I don’t meet. I really like Rahul Gandhi. I know in today’s politics, there is a special place in hell for all who say that. Even then, I like him.

And, then one day, he would be PM. No matter what you feel or do, that is inevitable. In five, ten, fifteen, twenty years, UPA will come to power. If he is around, he has a chance as anyone else. More than anyone else.

And, the worst accusations against him are that he is non-committed to politics and a buffoon. The first one is only half valid – we demand politicians to be in news every day, not take breaks like normal folks etc etc. If someone is not doing that, I see that as a refreshing change.

As per buffoon, worse ones have become PM. People who don’t know the full name of Mahatma Gandhi, people who will fail in class 3 geography, history and just dive to the bottom in any exam. People who say the most vile and idiotic stuff with pride. A gentle, non-assertive buffoon only warms the cockles of your heart in comparison.

So far, the dude has no rioting or corruption cases against him. He is not seen as a serious contender which works for him and he somehow portrays the image of being an outsider despite being from the family.

I know this post won’t get a single like but Rahul Gandhi for 2019. Hope he slays the Modi Monster