The crux of Indian culture is ghee

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ghee unites india

Divided by cultures, united by ghee. When I was young, I was given bowls of ghee to fatten up. Lanky kids are bad brand ambassadors of motherly love and generosity. The early training led to turning me into a ruthless ghee raider by the time I was an adolescent. And, I am from the east.

The punjabis love their ghee and makkhan. Kashmir uses ghee as a cooking medium. States in the south have a whole range of ghee dishes, from ghee roasts to dosas to podi. The marwaris in the west use ghee as generously as they are tight fisted about everything else.

Given that it is not the cow or the lotus or the peacock, but ghee that represents all corners, I am starting a campaign to make ghee the national bird, animal, symbol and also for a place in the national anthem. The ashok chakra in the flag should have a ghee polish too.