Vada Pav Junction, Malviya Nagar

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vada pav delhi

The problem with delhi streetfood is that we have too much of alu chaats and too less of vada pavs and pohas and dabelis etc. We can all add items from our home states that we don’t find here.

If you are in Malviya Nagar, there is this vada pav vendor, across the road from Moti Sweets. The classic vada pav in the photo came for just 35 bucks and the pav bhaji for 65. They also have a dabeli on the menu. The vada pav was really good. The garlic chutney was as good as you get in Bombay. The pav bhaji was only average at best but then a good pav bhaji is rare.

They also have a maggi vada pav but I could not care less. I hope they remain open because this really good vada pav outlet in Dwarka just closed.

vada pav junction delhi

pav bhaji at vada pav junction