Why the PM must not avoid the parliament

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We are in a democracy. The parliament is called the temple of democracy. We can talk day and night about farmers and soldiers and common man and bharat mata etc. But once the parliament falls, there is no country, no nation, no Hinduism. All that would be left is a wasteland.

Whether you are a right winger, left winger, centrist wingless or just scum, this is one line that you must never cross. It’s like the dining table of a family, marital bed of a couple. Sacred. No matter how divided families and couples are, they must unite here or else.

Parliament can’t be bypassed by an app. Can’t be superseded by rallies. Can’t be bullied into ordinances.

A ruler that thinks of himself as above the people and their representative is a threat to democracy. In our bitter fights over the last three years, we have rolled far too close to the edge.

Let’s shake hands and roll back a little. Let’s not cross this line. There s no going back for any of us if we do.