Demonetization: Jai jawan, jai kisan, remember ?

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We, the privileged assholes should stop cribbing. Many have said that. We should only talk about bad service at five stars, no?

By that logic, many should stop talking about soldiers, unless they are a soldier or a father, son or husband is a soldier. Crib only about what you have experienced, no ?

But today, we should focus on the other soldier. Jai jawan, jai kisan, remember ?? These days, it is all jawan, no kisan.

While I agreed to the demonetization in the beginning, the primary reason I objected it was timing. Why not implement it when there is less money in the system? Why marriage season?

Why after harvests and before sowing when farmers need to sell, buy and do all this with cash? The effects are already showing.

Wholesale mandis have crashed.
Farmers are dumping harvests on the road.
Ministry of agriculture requested the govt to allow farmers to buy seeds with old currency. Govt refused.

I know you will play your politics. Start with your abuses and taunts. I will remind of this post next year when there would be no rabi crop and prices will go through the roof.

You will pay with your cards. The bribe machinery has already started working with new notes.

The poor will die. The farmers would be bankrupt due to two failed harvests. And, the suicides would be biggest in Indian history. All is well.