Jamali kamali mosque and tomb, Mehrauli

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jamali kamali mosque mehrauli

The place is supposed to be haunted, I have no idea. Went there in mid day and the sum total of all the horror movies I have seen tell me that ghosts come out only at night. So, if you are looking for an account of it as a haunted place, please carry on. Or you can  head to the Rajon ki Baoli or Adham Khan tomb and Gandhak Baoli nearby.

My experience of Jamali Kamali was one of intrigue and beauty. There are two structures in the complex, the one outside is a mosque; the one inside the courtyard is the tomb of duo Jamali and Kamali. The mosque is open to all but the tomb remains closed most of the times due to the delicate work on the walls and roof. There are no guards and manpower would be an expense. So, ASI has closed it to protect the work from almost everyone!

I was with Sohail Hashmi and got to be one of the few that have seen the magnificence. Anyway, first the mosque. The Jamali in the name refers to a sufi saint Shaikh Fazlu’llah, also known as Shaikh Jamali Kamboh or Jalal Khan. The complex was constructed in 1529, so is almost 500 years old. It is still in a good condition.

While Jamali was quite famous, nothing is known of Kamali other than he was an associate. There are theories that they may have been lovers and that’s why everything about him is suppressed. Who knows!

The tomb, if you are lucky, would be open, though it rarely is. The walls and the roof are full of inscriptions and intricate designs. It is small chamber and there is not much room to move around, for the shot of the roof I had to sleep between the tombs of Jamali and Kamali. I don’t know about haunted but the place is so peaceful one can immediately go to sleep. As best as I can remember, I was dragged out of the tomb.


jamali kamali tomb complex

jamali kamali tomb mehrauli


jamali kamali tomb roof

jamali kamali tomb

Let me know if you get lucky.


  • Yogi Saraswat

    I was there yesterday and found it very beautiful !~!