About journalism and thinking men

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Indian Express got a lot of flak for inviting head of a government that does not speak to media, stifles it and, for the first time in history of the world, permits policemen to burn effigies of journalists. Policemen, who have the gun and the FIR book and the power to harass, can now openly protest against citizens.

Whatever the reasons Indian Express got the PM over, I wish the editor, Rajkamal Jha’s speech was not the intent. That would be wicked!

After Ravish yesterday, Rajkamal today. Thank god, there is something left for thinking men. How many took offence to that ? Thinking men! Intelligentsia is an abuse, secular is an abuse, liberal is an abuse. And, I dare speak about thinking men!!

People who can’t follow colored lights at traffic signal can follow Arnab Goswami without any difficulty. Apparently, for the same reasons. Bravado, ease, lack of culture and thoughtfulness.
This one is for thinking men and women. Skip if you please.