Delhi made a mistake : AAP

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We all make mistakes but only the best of us accept them. Let me be one from the superior league by accepting I erred by voting for AAP.

Not that I had not realised earlier, but I spend more time driving now. When I am not dodging incoming cars, I am dodging Manish Sisodiya on radio. On every channel, every two minutes either he is sorry for the teacher killed or for Dengue or for something else. If he had invested the crores he spent on ads, Delhi could have built another Lal Quila and may be a Taj too.

The govt is either fighting, blaming, in radio studios or invisible. The last one when it comes to work. The famed AAP volunteers who had become friendly neighborhood superheroes have vanished. As if everything that needed to be done in delhi has been done.

I blame myself less for voting for them, more for being gullible enough to think they meant business. But what choice did we have ? One had looted and another was busy festering communal violence in Trilokpuri etc. There was no choice.

And that’s when you realise why Mayawati, Mamata, Mulayam, Naveen and Amma etc keep coming back to power. Not because they are doing great work. Option hi nahin hai.

Aaj kal voting ke multi purpose question main baaki sab NOTA hai. Aur apni democracy band sandaas ka lota hai