Ittar shopping in Delhi

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ittar shop nizamuddin

ittar shop nizamuddin

Do you use ittar? I do. Where do you get yours from? Chandni Chowk, that shop at the corner of Janpath, Nizamuddin or Jamia Nagar?

I know the ones in Chandni Chowk come from 100 buck a bottle of 10 ml and the ones in Janpath are only a slightly more expensive. You can get Davidoff cool water and most other well known fragrances there too. I know a senior in an ad agency I worked for refilled his Cool Water with Chandni Chowk stuff. Fooled us then, I guess, can fool me now too, given the bottom shelf surfer I am, won’t know the original from gau mutra even now!

These days you can buy the ittar as the oil or request them to add alcohol and turn it into a spray. This photo is from Al Meraz in Nizamuddin that is the posh version of the humble ittar shop, 400 buck for 10 ml. Quite a few fancy fragrances and woods to smell etc.

It does not really matter if a colleague says you smell like a cupboard full of cockroaches, you know you are wearing good stuff.