Jason Bourne and social media failure

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You have failed me, social media. And, all my friends are either too lazy or liars. Otherwise, why won’t anyone tell me that the movie starts and ends with ‘I can bring him back into the program or we eliminate him.’ The story has not moved a millimeter.

The chase scene in the end was unnecessary and too Fast & Furious for a Bourne movie. Most of the scenes were rehashed scenes from earlier movies. There was no honesty in the script. The franchise has become a template after the second installment and Raimi’s shaky camera technique now looks overused.

Matt Damon and Greengrass should not have returned if they didn’t have time to work on a script. Let Renner take over. That installment was so much better. Bourne was a semi-intelligent guy’s spy movie. Now it is for anyone who is bored at home and wants to watch some action.