Monkey business and banana republic

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I don’t have cable TV. So, I won’t know. But given that the papers and the channels come from same media houses, there should not be much difference in coverage.

What happened in Gurgaon lasted a day. It became the talk of the nation. 24 people have died in Assam floods. Petrol is being rationed in Tripura. Manipur suffers from some roadblock every second week.

How much we care shows in the square cms that these reports get in papers. Sometimes after days of occurrence.

That is our idea of India. It gives them there idea of India. Sidelined, uncared for, invisible. Like monkeys on a tree, we sometimes cheer for our army or for our judiciary. Like monkeys, as soon as the show is over, we jump to the next tree.

And, that is the problem with our idea of nationalism. It lacks a consistent idea, focus and needs relentless circus to cheer. So now you know why a democracy that indulges in monkey business becomes a banana republic.