The Indian judicial system is criminally unfair

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Judges of high courts can’t be appointed because the Chief Justice is holidaying abroad since a month. Judges get massive leaves, so do teachers. The govt wants to regulate teacher’s working hours, the judges remain demigods that can’t be touched. Allahabad judges touch a PM’s feet. But don’t feel the judges have started rotting now.

Apart from bureaucrats, the only other group that is so rotten are the judges. They have always been that way. In the Mumbai blast case, which killed 257 people has seen 100 convictions. The riots killed 900 people, 3 convictions so far.

Godhra train burning saw 11 death sentences. Gulbarga has got 0. Zero. The judges by denying any conspiracy in the matter, made sure that only strings are punished, not the masters.

The Indian judicial system, just like the Indian society and polity, is stacked against the minorities and condones the ritualistic minority killing that we all enjoy so much.