The Indian Racism – An Overview

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We have a separate glass at home for service staff.
All our gods are white; all our villains are dark.
One god who is not white is so sexy that he beds 16000 virgins.
We call our non-fair friends and siblings kaalu. That’s affection.
We prepare for more dowry if the girl is not white or yellow.
We keep 25% of our population in what the world now calls slavery.
A fair and handsome army rapes and destroys. They get reservations.
The tanned skinned ones fight to survive; they are called Marxists.
The highest selling cosmetic is men’s fairness cream.
The highest grossing prayer is for a fair skinned daughter.
The bottom half of the nation is black dravids.
The eastern projection is all chinkis.
Most of the rest are the seekers of reservations.
Or, sons of Babur, the original anti-national.
We are not racists. We are just Indians.
And, that can be a shame, at times.