Old Famous Jalebi Wala, Chandni Chowk

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old famous jalebi wala chandni chowk

As the weather turns, our heads and thoughts turn to parts of the city that remain unthinkable as destiantions for a good part of the year. So, let’s look at a few places to eat and monuments that you check out while the good weather lasts and I would get to finish a few pending posts thereby too.

old famous jalebi wala chandni chowk

First of all, the Old and Famous Jalebi wala in Chandni Chowk. That’s the name of the shop, not what a blogger described them as. I instinctively trust food shops that have owners at the counter who are on the healthier side and this one does pass the test.

old famous jalebi wala old delhi

old and famous jalebi

Now, the jalebi has the smell of ghee. If you like it, fab. If you can’t stand the smell of ghee, stand somewhere else. The jalebis are nither too thick nor too thin like the Delhi ones we get everywhere. I love jalebis, even the worst ones, so not the right person to tell you how they are. But more people than not say they are good.

matar samosa old delhi

They are also famous for matar kachoris. I don’t know if that’s a winter only thing. Anyone knows? Give me shout out. In principle, I am a samosa rightist, meaning that I samosa untampered. In practice, give me a boiled donkey in the shape of samosa and I will chew on it with glee. So, I kind of loved it too. And, yes, even this one smells of ghee too. So, good luck with that.

As per directions, ask around. That’s what I do all the time. Even when I know the place, I ask five people just to measure the changing nature of people in twenty first century when giving directions. You do that too.

  • I cannot resist a jalebi ever !!!

  • Shalini Digvijay

    The owner looks rotund… as if he polishes off all the leftovers jalebis and samosas.or samasyas….. na khao to mushkil raha na jaaye khao to mushkil utaara na jaaye ???

    • ha ha ha ….but that is only the indicator that the food is irresistible 🙂

  • ektakhetan

    Nice one…delicious post 😉