Nehru’s Biggest Mistake

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We were on the topic of Nehru a few days back. How he is blamed for every wrong that the nation faces today. But his biggest failure goes unnoticed till date.

His passing the reins to his daughter. It was one act that turned a massive people’s movement into a family property. It gave India its worst prime minister. That may change three years down the line, but till now she ranks way above others. It also brings his own lineage into question – for someone as astute as him, he should have known that he is privatizing the party.

If Congress’s decimation is rejection of dynastic politics, then why the silent wait for Priyanka Gandhi? Dynastic politics is inherently undemocratic and I hope we are making the party pay for servitude to one family. And, I hope the Lalus and the Karunanidhis will pay too.

  • sweta

    So true !! Nobody has raised this yet !! But I guess this is how the dynastic politics came to a part of the mainstream.

    • Yup, also given how Indira Gandhi is seen as a successful and powerful PM, giving credence to the practice.