Are we heading to a judiciocracy?

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During last general elections, I had a lost hope. I wondered if we had become a nation of mostly evil people – violent in speech, thought and intent. However, it seems that more than evil, we are people that’s increasingly hopeless.

A new govt held the promise of change,we went with it. Then we cheered judiciary as it passed a few good judgments. We hailed Indian judiciary, a new saviour was on the block.

Then the dudes in black suits passed a few callous ones on examinations, criminal defamation etc. More than the judgments, what is of concern it’s the self-obsessive, megalomaniac ways in which they are delivered.

One reads poetry, another indulges in theatrics and this one is an instant classic. How can anyone pass such stuff as a legal guideline for future reference escapes me.

This judgement is worth a read. And, we need to be wary of the courts, contempt of court is such a powerful law that it can tilt the balance a little too much in our fragile democracy.