Fruit cream, Rane di Hatti, Lohgarh, Amritsar

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rane di hatti lohgarh amritsar

rane di hatti lohgarh amritsar

Fruit cream. I am not sure how that is different from ice creams. There is that topping of fruits and sometimes fruit chunks can be found in the servings. But still, I am not conclusively sure how they are different.

In Amritsar, there is a locality called Lohgarh. There are a few small shops that sell fruit cream, which may not be too distinctive but are delicious. There is a similar one in Daryaganj – Giani’s. It’s a small little shop that as far as I know has nothing to with the chain by the same name. They sell a similar tasting stuff, have their own massive fan following too.

Wonder if it all goes back to Amritsar. Know of any other city that has a local fruit cream vendor?

special fruit cream amritsar