Spring rolls and appendicitis

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spring rolls

spring rolls

This is not a bad photo. This is the best spring roll in the world seen from my heart’s eye. If I were the last man on earth, stranded on a beach and the only hope for mankind, I will rather choke myself with sand than eat a spring roll.

It is a lazy, disgusting, mindless recipe that has evaded evolutionary obliteration like the appendicitis. It is a wastage of cabbage, chicken, flour and the only purpose these all ingredients come together is to serve as an oil trap.

If man would have survived on cooking oil and the oil would have foul tasting, spring rolls could have been a good way to camouflage it. But thankfully, we don’t. And, this dish must die. I am honestly ashamed that I don’t even know how a good spring roll should taste so that I can trash the bad ones. Any defenders of this abomination here?