You are strong

Categories Fiction

You are strong. In your own swaying in the wind way, you are strong.
In your standing on one feet on a precipice way, you are strong.
In your never steady, almost too fragile way, you are strong.
You thought you won’t last a day; an eon has passed.
You are strong.
You are strong
the way no one else is, the way strong never was.
You are strong for a moment, an interval, an interlude.
Not always, no one is.
Eternity is too powerful
You are strong.
Like a rock, like fire, like flower, like an earthworm.
Like everything that is born and lives
You are strong
You don’t have to know it
You show it, every morning when you wake up
When you say walk into the heat and the dust
And claim what is yours in a cosmos where nothing is
You are strong.
I hope you remember it, when you need it most.