Evergreen, Dwarka

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evergreen dwarka delhi

The only Evergreen I knew was in GK. And, I had been there once in half a lifetime. Parking was always an issue and I avoided the place. My only recurring brush with the outlet were the sweets that someone or the other brought over. The kaju katlis were supposedly too good. I didn’t find them extraordinary.

bedmi puri sabzi at evergreen delhi

Anyway, they have a bigger outlet in Dwarka which has ample parking, during the mornings or when it is too sunny for people to come out. So, I was craving for a chole bhature which had become a distant memory and landed there. They were having a free lassi offer on bedmi puri and sabzi. I went for the offer, of course. The puris were massive, better than the ones you get in Nehru Place, which are a risk to your teeth, nearly as good as the ones you get in Old Delhi. The sabzi was the roaring, kicking spicy version that you get but was alright. The platter worked.

evergreen dwarka delhi

dosa at evergreen dwarka

Their south Indian offerings are quite too. The paper dosa was crisp and the coconut chutney was good. The tomato chutney was a disaster but the dosa and sambhar would do. The food is not expensive, but evesdropping on a matchmaking session in progress was priceless