Why the idea of flags at universities is all wrong

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Honestly speaking, I hate the idea of massive flags at universities.

First, it sounds like measures of a desperate republic in identity crisis which we are not.

Second, it will always be a reminder of the way it came to being enforced – through oppression, violence and as a measure of shaming students who have an opinion.

Third, only the netas cars, houses and shirts and underwear are stamped with flags. We all know how well that has worked.

The ones who are in doubt of their national pride, the chaddichaps, who have been opposing flags at RSS offices, should be reminded with a symbolic token. Most of others in a modern nation state don’t need a constant reminder.
It is not wartime. We are not a nation in crisis. And we don’t want a party that killed the father of the nation define the idea of a nation.

PS. for those who dont know RSS dragged two young men to court and fought for 12 years. Their crime – they put a flag on top of RSS headquarters. This in recent times as 2001