Germany’s biggest enemy was not the allied forces. It was the rise of fascism and the silent agreement of the majority with this rise. What happened later is not just history but a logical course of event that will happen in every such circumstance.

India’s biggest threat today is the rise of fascism, aided by the govt in power and implemented by a nazi like militant sanghi army. Just like in Germany, the threat comes in the garb of hyper-nationalism, claims of majoritarian puritanism and authoritative cleansing of minority cultural traits.

Many of us think a few are hyperventilating. The bloody liberals, the pseudo intellectuals. We must realise that it is for the liberals that societies maintain a sane voice and balance. It is intellectualism that every non-extremist society protects and every extremist society persecutes.

During the last year, we have seen proof that people may have voted for development and not religious enforcement. This nation is not Germany. Our infinite complexity ensures that we wont roll over that easily.

But it is a constant battle. Yes, it is a battle. The nation at war with armed, militant, unscrupulous right wing. It must be crushed, every day, in every sphere, on every media, at every possible chance. We don’t want a Hindu ISIS.