Doubt is a good thing

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Doubt is a good thing. Sometime back, we had agreed that jealousy is a good thing. No going back on that now.  Doubt looks like a rabid dog standing next to jealousy, which can be a troublesome cat at best. But trust me, it’s a good thing.

Imagine the ancient man. His friend fell in love with his wife, wanted to get him out of the way. The friend called him into a dark cave one evening, not that they had not done it before, but that evening he had a little niggling feeling. He refused to follow his friend. It saved his life that day. He was eventually murdered a few days later during hunting, but doubt, if we decide to call that niggling feeling doubt, kept him alive for few days.

Doubt is the inbuilt, organic and absolutely necessary second guessing algorithm that we need to survive. From which red round fruit not to eat in stone age to which fund not to invest in, doubt makes us go that extra mile to ensure that we are taking the right decisions. Remember the monkey and crocodile story? The monkey would have been much better if only he had a little doubt.

Doubt is not a sentiment. It is a survival instinct. It is the sixth sense that alerts you when something precious is threatened. The point is not to paint the man with the gun as the criminal, it might be your home guard. So, today, forgetting the bad press the poor guy has got, we should celebrate doubt.