Open Letter to Pranab Da

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Dear Pranab dada,

Sad to hear that dadi passed away. I had no knowledge of the same. By the time I knew, it was too late. Yesterday, I was right across the road from you at Maurya hotel.  You may not have seen me, I didn’t see you either. But I saw your cavalcade, as impressive as any I have seen. That massive SUV with jammers in the front is my favorite. Anyway, I am digressing. If I knew about your tragedy, I won’t have been so angry stuck in that jam for an hour. Now, I am feeling ashamed.

Today morning, I didn’t anticipate I will get you meet you again. I understand dadi must is being taken to the Nizamuddin crematorium. Your humble servants dilli pulice had blocked defence colony road, nizamuddin road, lodi road and every road in sight. They were good boys, though they looked busy they played stop and start and round round for an hour with me. But there was no cavalcade, no you. I went in circles waiting for you from 9.30 till 10.20. You must be getting ready at home. There were more like me, hundreds, in their cars, on their scooters etc. I called my boss, told him about dadi but the bugger didn’t give me a half day. I had to rush. Others were still waiting, they must have got half days.

I know I didn’t vote for you. I would have, we should have presidential elections so I can vote for you. I am an odia, you are a Bengali. I would have still voted for you. I know from mercy petitions that you are indifferent to death. But you must be feeling sad. Thankfully, in our culture, we are always there for others. The whole city waited for you during office hour, don’t feel alone, don’t feel it is a personal loss. Only if the thullas, as Arvind chahcha said, would have let me hug you once and tell you aal iz well.