About being content

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Someone had posted something about being content. That has been the most loaded, critical and depressing word in my dictionary and I have, one way or the other, felt angry at every mention of the word.

As it happens, the word is never used in a positive context. It is used positively, but always set against a dreadful background. That guy has nothing but is content; that other guy has lost his job and marriage, works in a pit but is finally content; she has started working on her dream project, does not make much money but is content.

Damn. Give me one three sixty degree happy instance where the word is used. It is always in spite of. Why would a man with energy, ability and hope be content?

Let’s say, you have designed a perfect drawing room. Only the vase is not right in the center of the tv cabinet. What if you have no hands and legs and can’t get up? You will be at peace with it. You may be content with it. But if you can get up, you will jump up in a second and fix it.

Content is the antithesis of action. The very opposite of energetic active hope. You can be content and hopeful. But that can only be a passive hope. A hope to maintain the status quo, to keep things finely balanced as they currently are.

Man is not built to be content, to be at peace. Man needs to retreat into a cave, climb a mountain or do all sorts of weird exercises to achieve peace. It is not natural.

Man is like a see-saw with a slightly heavier kid on one side. Perpetually in movement. And that is life. Moving, burning, restless. The energy that man spends in achieving piece can be used in achieving a lot more.

Happiness, peace, content – these are the trinity for the invalid. Don’t be one.