The better man

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Life, as much as carefree living, is also a constant process of setting priorities. When you are a child, it could be between watching the cartoon show or going out to play. When you grow up, the parameters change and multiply a little. Friends vis a vis family, people you want to know vis a vis people who know you, career with money or passion with a little less of it, love of one vs. affections of many, life with a partner and kids vs. obsessive living with the self, weekend trip vs. donation to a charity, an evening with good music or an evening over good food.

The decisions never cease. Sometimes, the constantly running analytics engine inside tires you out. But if there is one element that sets us apart from animals, it is the ability to set priorities. Thousands of years back, someone decided to paint the cave walls over joining the hunting party and see where that has led us.

Some of us decide to join a management institute, some decide to row into open seas without a sponsor. Evolution has not standardized the priority setting process; it has only helped diversify it. At times, I wonder whether a better man is only a better priority setting machine.