A victim of Gandhigiri

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DND is the place where all our manners come to die. No one maintains a queue, everyone honks and if carrying guns were allowed, a murder a day would have taken place. I can proudly say that I am rather well behaved, in public places, at least. I never jump the line; give others way and almost always get angry about ending up last.

Anyway, a few evenings back I had obediently queued up. Just when my turn to enter the card lane came, a car aggressively swerved into the lane and would have rammed into me if I had not braked hard. I honked at the guy from behind and when we drew level in parallel lanes, I gave him the I-will-burn-your-planet look.

The only trouble was the driver turned out to be a woman. Middle aged, dressed in a saree with a huge bindi on her forehead, she looked too gentle to be a bully. Before I could turn down the glare, she touched both her ears with her hands and bit her tongue as a kiddish sign of apology. Stunned with her response, I could only smile and wave at her dismissively before she drove off.

I have apologized unexpectedly, but only to muck with people’s heads. This one was too genuine, and I pondered over it for next two days, I realised I had become a victim of true gandhigiri.

  • Archana Kapoor

    awww 🙂