10 seconds to impact

Categories Fiction

It is said that in the last moments of your life, you see the faces of all those who are dear to you – a slideshow of near and dear ones, of sorts. But this is not how it happened with him. In a 300 hundred kilometer drive this must have been the only ambitious overtake. But there he was, directly in the path of a massive truck, in the wrong lane, hemmed in by vehicles on all sides, being offered like a bride.

Nothing could be done now. It was not a philosophical realization, it was just an urgent, imminent, organic, overwhelming feeling. But where was his slideshow? Let me tell you exactly what he thought in those last ten seconds, and you tell me how that is fair for a man who was not all that bad.

…..fuck fuck man ..move left left LEFT..LEEFFFFTT….damn ..damn..let me FUCKERS…fuck fuck fuck you bastards ….  please…..stop stop stop ….SHIT …..

Those were the last words. No wisdom. No saying bye to the mother, no testimonials to the loved ones. No quotable lines that his children could remember him by. Not even one complete sentence. No romance, no glory, no bravery. But given that we know nothing of his life, we must judge him by his last words – a vile, vile man he was, full of anger and hatred.