5 reasons why I am voting for Aam Admi Party

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I know we generally don’t talk about politics here. We live in a beautiful world of good food, travel , malls and restaurants. But I didn’t start this blog to entertain you. So, while I have done enough of entertainment, the time, now, is to talk about something more important – the Delhi elections.

I am going to vote for Aam Admi Party. I did not vote for them last time. But this time, I will. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The party made major blunders last time. But in the history of Indian politics, they were the only party or set of politicians who apologized for something. If you think it is a gimmick, give me one more instance.

2. There is no credible choice. Congress did a tremendous amount of work, but they have ignored a certain class of people of the capital for far too long. BJP has started with Trilokpuri and church burning and assuring to turn Delhi into Indraprastha. That must not happen.

3. People beyond central Delhi with a small radius that covers south and a little of the trans-yamuna, pockets of west, people of Delhi seem to be excited about AAP. While we want flyovers, Delhi is a horrible village beyond this 15 km radius. The focus of the city must change.

4. Some say the party must not be given a second chance. They failed the first time. But in Indian politics, we have always done that. We have a 90 year old terror organization a thumping victory. The party is just two year old. Why the bias?

5. Delhi must lead with political examples. We did the last time around. You must accept that it did have an impact, it changed the political debate, it changed expectations and it changed the level of participation in the most indifferent city. We must not fall back now.

You are free to cast your secret ballot. Hope you get a govt that you deserve.