When someone steals your photo

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Everything on the internet is free. So, I never watermark anything I put up. People should naturally give credit. Nothing changed when I put up this photo I took at the Chilika lagoon in Odisha yesterday. I put it up and forgot all about it.

chilika lake

Until my wife came running from the other room. Seems someone had claimed it. Soon, it was tweeted by MP Jay Panda, Irfan Habib, Milind Deora and had started quite a debate about Odisha tourism. Here is the link to my original tweet.


Here is the one stolen by Ankeet Panda (@ankeetpanda ) that came a day later. I am never going to meet him, I don’t know if he is a good person or a bad person. Sometimes, on twitter you can lose the trail and not know who to pay credit to. So, I guess it’s all fair.

Now, I can watermark all my photos. The other road is to try and not write a post when you find out someone borrowed your pic. Just ignore and walk on, for me that will take a little time.