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When I get an invitation, I look at a thousand things. Does the restaurant need a Zomato score fix? Are they on a PR overdrive and is everyone else writing about them? Do they have a large menu and specialise in nothing?

Thankfully, Quote Bar passed the first two and I made a visit. But they had a large menu and that is not a good sign and takes a lot of pain to review too. I decided to not make it anny easy for them and ordered an item from each section.

phalahari kebabs at Quote Bar

The first to come were the phalahari kebabs. I was expecting a tikka but was surprised to see a plate of seekh kebabs. They were tender, not too thick and tasted different from any kebab I had tasted before. The first bite was evokes mixed emotions, by the third I liked them more. Should you order it? Yes.

grilled fish quote bar restaurant

Second came the grilled fish with nasi goreng. It was a large platter, a meal by itself. The fish was wrapped in leaf and the steam escaped as I opened it, inside was a delicious and heavily spiced sole fish. Along came fitters, chips and a bowl of nasi goreng. The nasi goreng was not the best part of the platter. But acute non-vegetarians would love the smell and flavours of the dish. At just Rs.395, the platter is a must order.

shrimp poppers quote bar

Next came the Shrimp poppers. They looked deliciously pink and slightly toasted around the corners. A light drizzle of fresh coriander and the most subtle hint of spices were good enough as enhancers and didn’t override the mildness of shrimps. Freshness of seafood should not be a part of the debate unless you are eating at a five star, so the criteria is solely about taste and this one did taste very good.

fettuccine quote bar

Just to get in idea of the kitchen’s range, we ordered an Italian dish – fussily with sundried tomatoes with two cheese. Now, I have always been short of words when describing a pasta dish, so let me just say there was nothing wrong with it. Grilled asparagus, which was a part of the dish on the menu was missing, but everything else was spot on.

Quote was consistent across all dishes and cuisines. It is massive with two floors, one works as a pub and the other a restaurant. The prices for such a setting are ridiculously low and one must give them a try.

  • Prateek

    I agree. I was there with my pals, and i loved this place.