Why we must celebrate jealousy

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You feel it when you see a happy photo of a friend, your ex-flame in a happy moment, or even a stranger who seems to have more than you do, or sometimes for no significant reason at all. It is a singularly powerful emotion.  Jealousy.

You will not find another instance in life when an enotion that is so pure (pure as juxtaposed to good and evil), so natural, so obvious and so uninhibited has been villified as so much evil. I don’t understand why that should be the case.

Life does not give many cues, as it is. We wonder what we want to become, where we want to go on vacations, what car to buy, who to marry and so on and so forth. Jealousy is a strong indicator of what you want. Imagine life is an art gallery and you can hardly make sense of anything. You see a painting, you like it; you see the red dot that implies sold. You realise it is sold, but now, more than ever before, you realise that you want it.

Jealousy is that little red dot in life. It is an indicator of all that is desirable. Don’t feel shame or guilt. Take it as a precious clue that has escaped from the reluctant hands of the universe. The universe is mean. It wants you to spend half of your life in identifying what is desirable and spend the other half in chasing it.

Jealousy is like that clue in a bottle. It bypasses all those evil plans and gives you a chance to dash for those little known short cuts. Next time, you feel it, clap in the air three times and celebrate it.

  • zahra

    always be grateful for what you have.
    remember that there are billions of people in this world less fortunate than us.