Kushal is a bastard

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It was a perfect Sunday morning. Nippy November, good company and Sohail Hashmi Saheb as guide. We were out to explore Jahanpanah, the fourth city of Delhi. It was an eventful walk and there is so much to share. But I decided that we must pay our tribute to Mr. Kushal first. It takes a certain defiance to stand up against education, civilization and the society at large.

kushal bastard

We saw a few more, a few very entertaining.

khirki masjid delhi monuments

After a walk around the monuments, I was starting to miss the “I Love You”. I was worried love jihad and beating up the kissers had eradicated the rabid lovers. At the Satpula, I got lucky. There written on stone was the assurance that the Indian lover is going nowhere. Love is here to stay.

satpula delhi

I guess we underestimate the fact that we are animals. And, overestimate the impact of education and civilization. There will always be millions who will rape, murder and destroy. Evil is a part of the species and the planet.
You may expect that man will evolve one day. But the factors are far too many and numbers far too big. At today’s rate, when 3 billion humans impregnate another 3 billions, a few million bad apples is just statistical probability.

  • Hats down to him!

  • Shweta Dave

    Civic sense is just missing.