Afghan Burger at a Streetside stall in Delhi

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It is not a burger. It does not look like a burger. It’s not prepared like a burger. There was no point in talking to the Afghan guy who managed the stall and spoke no Hindi or English.

So, I took a video for you to watch and decide. I was stunned and frantic and could not decide whether to take a series of pics or a video, so had to stitch them together. The only part I missed is at last when he pours a sweet and a sour chutney on the burger/roll.

For 50 bucks, this is the simplest and the most filling “burger” I ever had.

P.S. – Set the quality to a minimum of 360

  • Ram P Mony

    YUMMY! Reminds me of my days in Afghanistan…..So happy to have found this post on the Net!

  • Chaitown

    Thanks for sharing! Where was this stall? Lajpat or Malviya Nagar maybe?

    • It is in Lajpat Nagar. If you are going to Lajpat Nagar 1 from the market, cross the Afghan Darbar Restaurant and this guys stands in front of the first roti wala on the left.

      • Chaitown

        Thank you šŸ™‚