A little less reverent

Categories Humour, Opinion

The ecology will take care of itself.
Or, god will.
You should have burst a few crackers.

You should have stared that street urchin in the eye.
Told him it’s not you who brought him to this world.

You should not have made that donation if you didn’t want to.
It may not look so, but your life is no less of a struggle.
Don’t be reluctant. Tell your conscience to shut up.
You started where they did.

Instruct housekeeping to change your linen.
The little note by the bed requests you to save resources, but won’t give you a discount.

It may be hard for you.
But feel a little arrogant, only at times.
Stop carrying the burden of nice.
Stop smiling at strangers.
Quit buying chocolates for kids.
They are not your own.

Tell Nature not to crib.
You didn’t crib when there was no air conditioning. You built it.
Tell it to find a way it to fix itself.
Asking for mercy doesn’t look good on one so mighty.

In a few years, we will die out.
The cockroaches that survive every catastrophe may not even miss us.
You may take yourselves too seriously.
The ecosystem will start all over with a new kind of monkey.

So, go on.
Burn that pile of dry leaves and toss in a few potatoes to roast.