Rigo Restaurant, Kamla Nagar

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Friends can be good things. Not all the time. They get boring with time, cost a lot to maintain and can behave irrationally, a cheer group at times and as assasins at others. Anyway, I am determined to talk of only in the most glowing terms. After all, who else takes you to a fantastic new place in town, does not charge a finder’s fee and takes for a long drive thereafter?

The place I am talking about is Rigo Restaurant. They have a branch in Majnu ka Tila it seems. But we went to the one in Kamla Nagar. We were all from the North campus, so we counted off all the famous eateries through the years. The Momos Point, like the foodie’s Lal Qila is still there. Last time I was there, a fancy place named Soho had happened. Places have closed and new ones opened, but that narrow little backlane has never disappointed.

But I didn’t expect anything like a Rigo Restaurant there. Absolutely spic and totally span, this little place serves you like a starred one. The manager rememberd my friend, quickly took the order which we delayed in giving and seemed like a good ambassador of the place. The menu is neat, no Indian-Chinese-Punjabi group fun. The place is small, will probably sit around 30. The evening we were there, some children’s dance reality show was loudly playing on the TV. That was noise pollution, but apart from that the interiors are done warmly, though modestly.

We ordered a Lemon Coriander Fish, a Thai Red curry –chicken that our friend recommended, Chicken Sui Mai, apple beer a fruit beer and two soups.

rigo restaurant delhi

First, the Sui Mai. This one was a little too well done as the wrapping was falling off. Ideally, they look and stay like petals. But were they good – yes, really good. The chicken filling was light, generous and was cooked just right. I can drive all the way to north just for these ones.

sui mai rigo restaurant

Second, the Lemon Coriander Fish. The fish was fresh. The gravy was refreshing. The only issue being there was too much coriander and too little lemon. We asked for a few wedges, fixed the tilt and went right ahead.

lemon coriander fish rigo restaurant

Third, the Thai Red curry. It was served in a clay pot. It was the dish of the evening. People who have done nothing but cook and eat red curry were satiated. The size of the serving is good for 2-3 people and that probably was the best value for money dish I have ever been served.

thai red curry rigo restaurant

Fourth, the soups. We ordered a veg Talumein soup and a chicken rice noodle soup with burnt garlic. The veg soup was the only let down of the evening but the chicken one was good. Before we had finished our meal, we were planning when the next visit will be. Will we all come together or will we lie to our friends and sneak a few more visits in?

rigo restaurant kamla nagar