The forgiving Indian

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The average Indian has a short memory, a big heart and the gullibility of a child. No matter how much the MNCs crib about our efficiency, we are easy to work with. Show us a video on whatsapp and we will kill a thousand, you kill a thousand and we will make you our prime minister. Individually, may be, not. But as a nation, we are extremely forgiving. Especially, in the matters of faith.

I have heard eleven years olds talk passionately about coal scam and telecom scam. Statistically, the biggest scamming institutions in the country are the temples. But all is fair in the name of religion. Mosques and prachin (instant ancient) shiv mandirs in the middle of the road, the massive crowds and the mad following of the religious gurus. They teach forgiveness and we forgive them.

One baba is in jail for rape. A famous dead one was a child molester. Then there is a cheap washing powder retailer who cracks casteist jokes and thinks being a creep is funny. I would totally boycott his washing powder if it weren’t so damn cheap!

  • preethi prasan

    and the rest are caught up in their own lives to even bother!! good point made.