Monsoons in Jawaharlal Nehru University

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The summers are here. The best time to leftover photos of last year’s monsoons. Expecially, when they were such good times. I had taken a few months off from work and my wife was working on a project at JNU. So, I doubled up as the chauffeur.

I would park the car, walk around the whole campus, chase the slimy peacocks and fail to take photos, play cricket with the students, take a hundred close up photos of different flowers, eat sattu paratha, have overboiled tea, explore little paths into the Aravalis, get scared and tread back, think about life, jobs, goals and try hard to forget it all for a moment, climb onto hillocks, took photos of the graffiti, sneaked past the guards into the library and read books on topics that would never appeal in normal state of mind.

But those were good times. Made me look for nine month contracts that will afford three months of joblessness per year. Obviously, never worked out (takes more courage than I had). But these photos worked out, didn’t they?

jawaharlal nehru university

delhi rains in jnu

monsoons in jnu

rains in jnu

flowers in jnu

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    wow lovely pics