Office ke neeche kya hai

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What do you eat when you are in office? I have always been interested in office lunches. In fact, a couple of months back I planned on doing a series on food around office areas. Shankar road in Connaught Place, Nehru Place (I did one on rajma chawal there), a few sectors in Noida,Okhla (that horrible place), Saket court area etc. Gurgaon does not have the street vendor culture or I know nothing about it.

Anyway, after having put it on ice for a long time, I started from my own office. We have all the general stuff that you get in office areas – parathawallas, rajma chawal guys, mosambi juicewallas etc. But we have a few unique vendors too, a litti chokhawala, a puri subzi guy and the latest addition – a poha vendor.

The poha vendor is probably the hottest stall on the block. The guy comes early, sells out before lunch and leaves. When we asked him, he reasoned that he cooks only as much so that it remains fresh. I think he makes enough in half a day to whistle the rest away with his buddies. No rat racing for him.

poha noida sector 16

pohawala nooida

Who cares so long as his poha is fresh. And, it always is.


Then, there is the litti chokha guy, actually an old man. He makes the littis on the spot, dips them in ghee and serves with a dal and chokha. I was never a fan of the dish but had to order a plate for the photo.

litti chokha delhi

litti chokha

It’s not just the vendors, we have a few creative geniuses too. Take a look at this omelette guy. I asked him and he confessed that he came up with the name.I don’t eat eggs, so I have no idea how his food is.

honey singh andawala

Then, there is always a chaiwalla. We have two, each with their own fan following and a mound of ginger and elaichi. And, at seven rupees a cup, this is way more pleasing to the soul.


  • reeta

    Jiske ofc ke neeche so much good food uski aish! lucky you are!

  • Bhanu Sharma

    d best one is shahi paneer chawal at standard Punjabi khana, Nehru place. that is the only one of his class

  • ektakhetan

    Lolz…yo yo anda king…loved the thelas and the food shown here…wish mere office ke neeche bhi kuch hota except traffic ke…
    Magar office ke peeche CCD boring!

  • Hina

    That’s the beauty of North India …streets are full of tasty food corners serving fresh and yummy snacks

    • True but I had one of the best breakfast experiences in Chennai. Small little khokas with a few chairs. You can see your food being made and all of them had excellent coffee. And small shop and lack of hygiene are a typical big city phenomenon.

  • Manisha

    Okhla is not that bad om..we have a van selling proper thali which includes chawal.rajma
    4chapatis.raita n one dry veg… Then we have a ghobi pranthas guy..not to forget bread pakoda n samosa..

    • I worked there for a couple of years. Things were horrible back then. Bread pakoda and samosa don’t count, I will pay for a place where you can’t find them.

    • Bhanu Sharma

      okhla ph-III has very good compared dhabas as compared to ph2 and 1, where one can’t afford to have food due to lack of tidyness