My experience with online shopping: Review of sellers on Flipkart

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Flipkart is now a marketplace. Just like Snapdeal. And, Infibeam. And, eBay.

But is everything same as before?

No. Quite a few things remain the same and a few others change when an ecommerce portal turns into a marketplace. You can see my earlier review of Flipkart, if you want to now why they were so good.

First, now Flipkart does not control the products that will be sold on the website. So, each product does not go through the selection process that it earlier did.

Second, when you buy something, you buy it from a seller. Not Flipkart. Now, Flipkart does have a strict policy when it comes to rating and regulating sellers and their activities. But, as I said, the seller is not Flipkart.

Third, when you need to return/replace something, you are negotiating with a seller. Flipkart decides the terms and conditions for returns and has a overriding refund clause too. But, there is another party involved in the whole transaction.

All said and done, has the transition stopped me from ordering from Flipkart? Nope. I have made three purchases from Flipkart after it became a marketplace. Two of them from WS Retail and one from Bizzna.

WS Retail On Flipkart Review

I am not sure of the exact status of WS Retail. Flipkart became a marketplace in April 2013. I traced my orders to as far back as April 2012 and noticed that the orders were still being fulfilled by WS Retail. Anyway, recently I ordered a few items from WS Retail.

ws retail delivery time

The first one was a memory card for my phone and it was delivered within 26 hours. The second order was a watch and it took nearly 50 hours. The packaging in both the cases was the standard bubble rap packaging that we are all used to. The carton was of Flipkart too. So, unless you are looking closely, you won’t know the difference.

ws retail flipkart

Given that these are the original Flipkart guys and have delivered five orders of my on time, I can safely recommend them.

Bizzna on Flipkart Review

These guys are definitely post-marketplace. They have their own website too – how do I know? It said so on the packaging. The

Yes, it did not say Flipkart anywhere. And, now that all delivery boys carry bags with ekart (Flipkart’s own delivery service) written on it, there is no way to know this came from Flipkart. There is the bill, but you get the point.

bizzna on flipkart

I ordered a watch from there. They took 5 days to deliver, more than double of what WS Retail took. I didn’t mind as I didn’t need the watch urgently. But when you are in a crunch situation and are flipping coins between other sites and Flipkart, it does not have the same edge anymore.

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  • NeK India

    I ordered a phone on 14th Oct and they are telling Delivery date as 31st Oct ? Why is the delivery so late ? Has anyone experienced this

  • mahesh

    Iam order redmi note 4 mobile 19th may and not delivery in this time Flipkart assured is waste iam not like the Flipkart is worst

  • prakash mahi

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    ??????? ???????? ????????? ????????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ????????? ?? ??????? ????????????? ?????????? ?????????? ???????? ?????????? ???? ?????? ?????????? ????????? ????? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ??????? ——————————————————————————————————————
    Fill in the blank line as ur wish…

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  • Bindya

    I just ordered a phone from flipkart on Sunday afternoon & it showed delivery date 28th dec
    Since sunday afternoon the tracking process only shows payment approved, its not going further to the next step since 3 days.i dont hv a phone since 3 days, i need the new phone urgently & flipkart is wasting time. This is the 3rd time i ordered from flipkart & its a worse experience.

    • Bindya

      This time the seller is ind flash mart

      • Raj

        Exactly the same experience facing with the same seller. At last dose they delivered in the promised time line?

    • NeK India

      So u got the phone as per the date given by the seller?

  • Aparna Wadekar

    Even i had good experience with flipcart

  • Sameer Jethwa

    As i am a new seller, started selling products & want list product on flipkart but I really disappoint with flipkart seller support. They are not ready to solve my problem. Even they are not responding on my ticket

    Worst Service From Flipkart Seller Support…….

    Please check the snapshot given below. Please Share these to as many people.

    • Nilam Bhandurge

      Please anyone tell me which is the best site to sell?I want to start online business.

      • md

        flipkart is very worst,charge for everything

  • Rakesh

    Hi i m solid wood furniture seller on flipkart & amazon. I am agree with Mr Tarun. Flipkart charging too high for their fee and e-cart logistics is world’s most worst transportation company. I think when customer buy from online shopping market, when they receiving products then please check immediate or do not accept delivery. It is good for customer & seller. If item is in good condition then accept it and please give one note in writing with received in good condition to delivery person and if damaged then don’t accept it. It is very simple But customer should ask for open delivery. If seller send item in good condition then seller don’t have problem with open delivery, only few fraud seller have problem. I had problem with e-cart logistics that’s why i stopped selling with flipkart. Right now i am selling online and giving open delivery to customers and they are happy with this. So I am requesting to all customers that please ask for open delivery.


  • tarun

    I am Seller on Flipkart and Amazon. Flipkart is Charging too high for their fees and Shipping, Secondly the courier part (E-Kart) logistics are hell for seller. Rude/ Incompetent/ uneducated . In the first month i got 41 orders on flipkart and 121 on Amazon. The return ratio for RECEIVED DAMAGED PRODUCT by customers was 4 for Flipkart and ZERO for Amazon. Also When I received back the cancelled/ Returned/ product by Flipkart the
    Condition was damaged for all product and for Amazon it was totally in good condition.
    Finally I decided to stop selling on Amazon . There Are more reasons which are negative for Flipkart.

    • Manoj Patwa

      Could you please telle what all product do you sell through Flipkart ?
      Please contact me — MANOJPATWA2188@YAHOO.COM

    • sai nadh kumar

      Hi bro can u please list out ur products list and price list to email id so that it will helpful to us

  • vivaan kumar

    I really dont understand why only people buying in Online get defective changed item lost items cracked items different products. I have 10 stores and all my store i hardly see only 1 or 2 issue of defective rather then so many issues i read in net. My prices are also less then Online market but i still do not understand why people buy online when local retailer are offering for so less price then online. Even local market is asking for 100 to 200 bugs more whats the issue. You need to understand that the more you purchase in your local area the more you will get benefits as local retailers will pay taxes in own state.

    Ebay Amazon all are international companies all profit goes to foreign this companies should be strictly avoided

    Snapdeal flipkart are India based comapanies but taxes of your state are going to them.

    Think why take trouble after paying money just visit local retailers and buy you can have a walk and talk what u r taking.


    • Manoj Patwa

      Could you please telle what all product do you sell through Flipkart.
      Please contact me — MANOJPATWA2188@YAHOO.COM

  • narendra

    i m seller of flipkart at last 3 months,

    but last 12 days flipkart has been made my account is pending due to duplicate products,then i share my purchase invoice of the paticular item,
    then after 4 days flipkart has been mail me your validation has been successfully and your account activate in 1-2 bussiness days but today 20/8/2015 but not changes on my account my account is pending.

    when i called seller help everyday but they replied me to sir,pls wait one day but after six day i haven’t get changes through flipkart.
    i share flipkart commitment image

    • Sandeep Hugar

      Hi Narendra,
      Sandeep Here if you would like to sell your products online please drop me an email @ ( saying Subject line “Sell On ShoppingAdviser” within 1 to 2 hours our sales team will contact you very soon regarding for the further process to discuss.

    • Manoj Patwa

      Could you please telle what all product do you sell through Flipkart ?
      Please contact me -MANOJPATWA2188@YAHOO.COM

    • md

      flipkart is very worst,charge for all

  • Girish Margam

    PSR3 is the worst seller in flipkart i have jut ordered a lenovo flap cover on 30th,they told it would reach by 9th july but till date whatever i have ordered in flipkart always received in one or two days on standard delivery by ws retail and couple of other seller.I always keep an eye on the tacking system and it shows proper information.But this time it is showing my product it received at various places and in between it showed Nagpur the place of delivery and it went to Delhi.I don’t understand the reason for this process.

  • onlineshopper

    I recently purchased some clothes from flipkart. They have shipped across the clothing with sizing issues. When i tried to login to my account to to book an exchange, there was no option for the same. Tried to call up their customer service only to realize that, that number caters to only post sales of electronic items. Flipkart was a very user friendly online portal sometime back. I used to enjoy shopping on Flipkart. But off late it is not at all approachable. Online shopping can be done in volumes only when there is an assurance that we get proper response to improper orders. Flipkart no more offers that to its customers. By the day i am only more dissuaded to buy anything from Flipkart.

  • Akshay Invincible

    My bean bag from flipkart had arrived with the stitches coming off on one side. Naturally I wanted a replacement and had sent across snapshots and packed it properly. Nobody was coming to pick it up and refund the money. A week passed by like that and I was getting very angry with the useless follow ups. I then filed a complaint with Akosha and then got a call from flipkart. They did a reverse pick up and then offered me a refund in store credits. Not willing to wait more for a bank refund I readily agreed for that option and got a refund the very next day. I am happy with the resolution. Good service from Akosha. More power to the customers!

  • Subhra

    Actually flipkart & snapdeal only has interest in commission from third party seller. I used to sell on flipkart & snapdeal both. I sell garment with good quality, after sometime when my product get good rating, suddenly I see many seller uses my brand-name, picture, image & product details to sell there product. not only that both e-marketers deploy such system they can use my rating to sell there product & result is many customer even don’t know they try to buy original XXX brand product from AAA seller & by this policy they actually buy YYY brand product from different seller.

    By this tactics all websites cheated there customer as well as seller. If a genuine seller complain that to them they has beautiful answer “it is open market & they can’t stop anyone to sell product”

    Please go through the picture in attachment, actually all rating belongs to Goyal silk, but if you want to buy directlly you buy it from ” mamta synthetic” that’s a cheating. They advertise one name & sell with other name then how customer ensure quality ?

  • aardee

    DEAR FLIPKART CUSTOMER (DIS ?) SERVICE namely – _______ and _______
    As is evident from my many mails that I am running into a brick wall. Sequence is as
    1. I call up flipkart and explain that I was supposed to get a refund on two
    accounts for items bought (details in previous emails)
    2. flipkart CS tells me that the refunds have been processed and credited to the cr
    card, therefore I should contact cr card customer service
    3. I call up cr card customer service and they tell me no such refund has been
    received from flipkart.
    4. I write an email complaining of the same to flipkart.
    5. I receive an SMS informing me that my issue will be resolved expeditiously.
    6. I receive an email saying the amount has been refunded and I should contact cr
    card customer service.
    7. return to serial no 1 above.

    It shamefully evident that all claims to good service (etc) have been laid to rest.To
    further substantiate, I have the following to say:
    – I am asked to send my bank statement and in the same email of yours it is written
    plz dont give statements unless specifically asked. It is noteworthy that I sent them coz
    you asked for them.
    – I mentioned that the email is password protected (password is ———), but citing
    company policy ur executive does not want to take it. He wants me to remove password and
    re send the statement, which I cant coz I dont know how to. Does that mean I should buy
    on Flipkart only if I have a certain level of competence on handling adobe ? or should I
    first learn how to remove password and then hope for a solution to my problem ?
    – I am given a reference no to mention to Cr card customer care which they say is an
    internal ref no of flipkart and not of the banking system. How am I supposed to convince
    a third party ?
    -On a single complaint for two orders as under, I get two (supposed ) resolutions,
    none actually leading to anything meaningful.

    Having wasted another half an hour today (today’s quota dedicated to a good buying
    experience at flipkart), allow me to come to the point. Plz provide me the following:


    I would be extremely grateful

    thanking you

    • aardee

      complaint about flipkart refund

  • ashish

    Hello All my name is ashish gandhi from Vadodara. i would like to share my experience with FLIPKART.
    I ordered Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 with Freebies samsung original flip cover and screen guard as mentioned in website. i have received the Handset but still i have not received the FREEBIES as mentioned. i am calling the team since almost a week now but no answer neither they have solution to it. i have filed a case in consumer court against false commitment and no proper communication.

  • madhavi atmakuri

    Hi Friends,
    Recently i ordered a product in flipkart.but i recived another i complain to flipkart about seller. and now my money is back.flipkart refunded.. to know more information about refunding visit my blog

  • Pradeep Kishnani


    I am the seller on flipkart marketplace from august 2013. I uploaded 2 brands on flipkart marketplace. Created the reputation of those brands on flipkart. Now WS Retail(seller name of flipkart) have approached those brands & sourced the products. This is totally wrong. Flipkart marketplace objective is to bring in merchants, let them establish brand on their website & kick them out once the brands are established on its website. I protested but did not got any reply from them. They have money & they can do anything. I can provide the proof if demanded. I recommended merchants to sell on ebay & snapdeal. These are marketplace platforms unlike flipkart(cross connection of inventory model & marketplace). I feel cheated by such unethical practice by Flipkart

    • Pradeep, I am sure that should be ethically wrong. But given that it is an open marketplace, you can’t protect your brands for too long. I don’t know how other platforms treat such cases but there will always be a competitor who will try to undercut you.

  • vishnu

    Why these online platforms are lossing their fame of genuinity by involving other sellers…

  • Mohit B

    I was a proud customer of FLIPKART until my friends bought me a Sennheiser headphones from flipkart as my birthday gift. Its looks fake and it has no serial number, even the headphone’s jack doesnt match the wires. When i requested for refund ,the seller declined it without a reason. I have sent them many mails with pics of the fake product they sent me ,but no reply. Flipkart has become toally shameless. i am going to Sennheiser service center to have it checked for originality and once i got the proof from the Sennheiser Authorised Service Center my next stop will be Consumer Court. Will never buy from FLIPKART. Shameless and liars.

    • You can complain to Flipkart about the vendor. What was their response, if you did? If not, please do.

      • Mohit B

        I did complain. I got the headphones checked at Sennheiser Authorized Service Center and they told me those are fake. I have their e-mail as proof.I sent the mail to flipkart ,they arranged for the return. i hope they will punish the seller,otherwise it will happen more and more.

  • vijay

    i have one question
    for some sellers even if you buy the same product in more than 2 nos(quantity)they add the delivery charge each time
    example lets say a deo xyz costs 100 rs now the delivery charge is 50 rs.if i buy 3 xyz deos my cost should be 300 + 50(delivery charge) but instead they charge me 300 + 150(delivery charge).
    so i am paying them 450 instead of 350
    WHY IS THIS?????
    AND why is it that there are so many sellers??

  • Shikha Gautam

    for me online shopping means flipkart as i also had one bad experience when i bought nokia 603 mobile from flipkart and they send me defective cell after. it has been 1 year and in this 1 year i have nokia store 5 times. but after visiting their my cell is working properly

  • Veeshaal Arun Pokharkar

    They are bit overpriced compare to ebay or flipkart

  • Renuka

    Thanks. so far I have had a good experience with flipkart.

    • Same here. A little late one time, but, otherwise, never had an issue.

  • bushra

    Very helpful review…Thanks.

    • Thanks Bushra

      • ravi

        This is Ravi, just now i am created flipkart seller but i don’t no how to interacted from this account please give me information

        • md

          flipkart is very worst,charge more