Stop peeing, for god’s sake

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Do you know why godmen around the country are going berserk?

It seems that the task they have been assigned is too much for the 33 crore gods in Hindu religion – to keep you from pulling out your lulu and spraying holy water.

gods on walls

Translation: Urinating here is prohibited.

hindu gods

The diverse uses of Gods that we have found is unparalleled in the world. We have been hanging them on doors for profit, leaving them by the roadside for donations etc etc. But to keep men from peeing on walls is innovative.

hindu gods photos

  • The ways we exploit the Gods like other man made resources … 😀

  • Aadi

    Woah!!! This is new…

  • Paresh

    U r appeal is OK, als education is necessary as far as cleanliness is concern. there is other side to it. think abt the infra as well. No toilets at many common places.

    • Totally agree. Take a trip with your wife, or any other woman, and you will see how painful life can be if man decides to be pee-civilized.

  • sunil deepak

    It is certainly creative! Though some people can attack these persons by saying that they are insulting their gods by putting their pictures at peeing spots! 🙂

    • I am surprised where the religious saviours are. Busy slapping lovers in the parks!

  • Aziz

    I guess this was the best trick in the bag ! other methods are tried and failed attempts to stop what people cant stop when they see a wall ! lolzz

    • Aziz Bhai..Indians will do everything but I guess will never stop peeing on the streets or walls

      • I know what will work… a naked power line 🙂

        • Hahaha..3 Idiots Style…Kya kare laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante.. 🙂

  • Indrani

    Disgusting indeed! Some men… either pee or rape…
    Great shots and message.

  • abhishek pandey

    good and innovative

  • preethi

    loved the title…lol..that will surely get people’s attention 🙂

  • 😀 Shamelessly leaving behind a related link of mine that may interest you. 🙂