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I was introduced to sizzlers twelve years back at an amazing restaurant in Green Park. I know the name started with a C, but I have, somehow, managed to forget it. Anyhow, the point being that the standards were set pretty high.

When Mumbai’s famed Yoko Sizzlers decided to open a restaurant here, we were all very high. We got to visit the restaurant only recently.

The Defence Colony outlet is located at a twisted end of the road. Though it is on the main road, you got to go through the colony road and approach it from the rear.

On a weekday, the place was empty. Service, sincere and fast. Having walked into a specialty sizzler place, the first thing we noticed was that the menu did not make us feel deprived. There was enough to choose from for both the and meat eaters.

There were four of us and we ordered four different sizzlers. When the sputtering iron plates came, we were surprised by the portion sizes. All of them had a pattie base, vegetables, French fried and loads of cheese. It is impossible, and unadvisable, for one person to finish a sizzler.

It’s better to share and order some side dishes. Though there was nothing to complain, we, somehow, didn’t have as good a memory of the food as we should have.

We were all very tired, the food was to much and the flight never took off. Later, we decided to put the blame on our tiredness. The food didn’t have a taste to remember and we all thought all the sizzlers had managed to taste the same. But none of was confident enough to place put the blame on Yoko.

We have not gone their again. Plan to do that soon and revise this review in any manner necessary.

Would I recommend Yoko? Definitely. Taste is subjective and there was nothing negative in our experience. The quantity was good, which makes it quite an affordable place for a filling meal. The ice tea was good, so was garlic breads. The ice cream servings were, again, too much for a sane person to eat.

But that is a good problem to have. The photos are all blurred, my apologies. But it gives you a fair idea of the pile. Go there at least once, nothing should keep you from that.

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  • zahra

    oh, my, days! i cannot believe you ate that. it looks gross. it’s amazing how unhealthy food always looks ugly and dull and healthy food is always an array of colours and freshness and beauty!

    • Ha ha.. yes, we did eat that. Kind of liked it too. Evil is tempting, remember!