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The rains…they make everything look better. The all drenched girlfriend looks better, the chai and pakoda looks better, go out with a shitty camera and every photo you click looks better. Only if someone would have remembered to air condition the world (talking to you, god!).

Anyway, here is a little proof of the monsoon beauty:

monsoon photos

This is what every amateur, wanna be, under-talented photographer does. Point his camera at the flora and fauna and feel like a rockstar. I believe when the object is beautiful, no credit should be given to the photographer. So, out goes nature photography, wildlife photography, fashion photography and you can suggest a few.

So, in the spirit of justice, I take no credit for the following:

monsoon flowers

The credit goes to the Delhi government for maintaining the park, and to the maali for not skimping on his duties and to the mother of this flower, for having given birth to such a hottie. Btw, I respect women and never use such language for them, so take your hands off my collar.

monsoon grass

Did you spot the dragonfly on the right? I should get a nobel prize for that. This is at par with the guy who shot (took photo of!) the Tienanmen square guy, or the crying Vietnamese child running away from her burning village or the one who took that photo of Obama and Sarkozy perversely watching the ass of a female ambassador.

Camera Used: Nokia Lumia 820 (yes, a phone camera!)

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  • Indrani

    These days every camera welding person is a photographer. πŸ™‚

    • Is that a compliment (rabid head scratching)….I will be glad to take it as one πŸ™‚


  • Looks good with the rain drops.

  • The Rain Clicks looks pretty Good..

  • Aziz

    dont be harsh at your self … lol … very creative clicks πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Aziz. I should stop sobbing now. And, apply for that nobel prize. Somebody pass the form.

  • Easwar Arumugam

    Nice write. Yea, monsoon goes with a plate of pokoda and a cup of hot tea.
    Like the pictures.

  • hindustanisakhisaheli

    wow awesum phtography πŸ™‚