South Indian Snacks, Jantar Mantar

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The listing on Zomato shows the average cost for two to be Rs.300. It can never happen unless you are mutant hedge hogs. It is the cheapest food outlet in Connaught Place. That does not say much but trust me on this.

The dosas are good and the special Mushroom dosas cost just 60 bucks. I have never tried that and don’t intend to, but, heck, two plates of gol gappas at any neighbourhood thela costs more.

south indian food jantar mantar

Like a true hole-in-the-wall south Indian outlet, they also serve amazing uttapams, dal vadas and vada sambhar too.  All in the price range of a decent chocolate bar. Now, before you head out, it is important to remember that it is not a restaurant. There are no chairs, no tables and no service. You got to hold your plate in your hand and eat.

south indian snacks jantar mantar

So, if you are thinking of a date, this is not the place, unless, you are too sure of your love. The guy at the counter is a heavily accented South Indian robot and just hearing him repeat your order is half the fun – yek plate wada sambar laganaa. Stand next to the huge boiling cauldron of sambhar, enjoy the smell of the open kitchen, don’t look at the dented spoons while slurping and you may find happiness.

The location is easy; it’s on the protest street at Jantar Mantar, right where the marching folks shake hands with the cops. On any given day, you will spot a few tents in front. But like all government offices, this place is closed on Sundays. All the more reason why, I suspect this to be a govt front to break the hunger strikers.

The huge chatter that this place generates is partly due to the sheer number of protesters for whom these idli vadas must be work-day lunch. It must be hell of a busy place on day of protests. There are a bunch of people waiting around all the time. But it is not haute cuisine, so preparation time is less and you never have to wait too long.

jantar mantar restaurant

This place must be busy in the morning, I will recommend you drive down in the afternoons, park right in front and eat in your car. Air conditioned good food and a bill so tiny your driver won’t mind footing.

  • That pic has made me so hungry – good find !!

  • Saru

    I won’t mind standing and eating as long as the food is good. Thanks for the recommendation. I am not much into fancy restaurants and I love south indian food.

    • Totally agree, and when it comes to south Indian food, fancier is not necessarily better.

  • Indrani

    I too am crazy about dosas.

    Nice narration of the place and food.

  • That’s why India is most diversified country in the world…No matter where you are you will be able to find you favorite food…

    And Dosa..Oh I so love them..especially Masala and Onion Dosa.. 🙂

    • Not to forget idlis.. I was once part of a team that intended to launch a Idli chain…much like burgers. That never took off, but I think it is a great idea.

      • Indeed it is a great idea atleast you took the step I am still thinking to take a step like that

  • Well .. life in India unimaginable without dosas .. travel any city .. my staple food when I am in any other city .. with limited funds .. 😀 I look for above mentioned eateries make sure enough crowd comes there and one meal is fixed !! 🙂 Nice post !! Who knows he might have served Anna and Kejriwal also 😀 strategic location you see !

    • I guess their differences cropped up from here too – which dosa was better. Rest is history.

      • hahahaha !! true may be who knows .. u made me ROFL hahha thnx

  • Easwar Arumugam

    Oh, the South Indians are omnipresent anywhere. Nice read