A Brahmin In Bangkok – Part II

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Bangkok for me is quite a frequently visited place. On one of my previous occasions I had even organized for my wife to come over and we could see the place together. This ended up being a disaster as she simply refused to surrender to her usual practice of reducing me to a coolie to carry the load of whatever she bought to satisfy her appetite of street shopping (yes Bangkok is a great place for street shopping).

The only interesting experience was that a group of jolly and fun loving girls approached her and asked her that whether they could borrow her man (that’s me) for just an hour and that they would only charge a thousand Bhats for it. This left my wife in a shock and her facial expression became a reason of those girls’ amusement.

The next day I planned for venturing out of Bangkok in a cab and went all the way upto Ayutthaya. The ruins of the place resembled like that of Nalanda in Bihar. Both were Buddhist centres and both were burnt and ruined. I could witness a similarity in the construction pattern of the ancient ruins (of course Nalanda being much expansive in grandeur).


The place needs no guidance. It’s so well planned and vivid that even after more than 2 centuries of decline, it still narrates its own story beautifully. History is such a strange teacher, it leaves multiple narratives for the future for interpretation. I would suggest that one must spend at least one if not two evenings there and rent a bike to see around several significant places and structures around the area.

Ayutthaya buddha

buddha Ayutthaya

The last day was planned for the Summer Palace and the floating market. The Summer Palace complex is a collection of a few structures, all based on some prominent architectural styles from around the globe. The Russian mansion, the English, the Chinese (my favourite of all) and exclusively manicured garden carved around a beautiful flowing water stream. Lining the stream is a set of extraordinary European style statues enhancing the beauty of the complex.

Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, Bangkok

Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

I liked the place in its presentation but personally I am not too attracted towards these pseudo ancient Royal designs.

Summer Palace Bangkok

My next stop was the floating market. My car was parked by the driver and from there I was seated on a motor driven boat through a canal (famous for housing the great Iguanas). This was an amazing experience. The way in which the entire water body was utilized continued to surprise me.

bangkok floating market

floating market bangkok

I came across some amazing and extremely hospitable people with lovely smile on the face. The place was so bustling with activity. I cherished the entire place and to top it all was a food item called ‘Mango with sticky rice’. Yummy….

floating market

By the evening I returned back to my hotel ‘The Westin Grande’ on the Sukumvit road near Asok sky train station and had a relaxing evening with two Palestinian singer ladies. After realising my origin, they sang an accented yet melodious ‘Kuch Kuch hota hai’ followed by a stream of beautiful western classic numbers.

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    Wao… Thanks… Thanks guys. We, self n Om thank you all for the lovely n charming responses. I can only say that u all’s appreciation is a motivation for the good work that we intend to do. 🙂 keep smiling.

  • apnikahaani

    So, U made sequel also 🙂 …Great Post…I must thank Indiblogger!

    • ha ha, yes. Don’t worry, it will have a shorter run than saas-bahu serials.

  • Aziz Ampanwala

    Such a insight of the trip … thanks for sharing the experience … was a pleasant read … and not to forget the clicks they are soo rich with colors, they have a story to tell .. beautiful indeed !


    • Thanks Aziz, we should pass on your compliments to the city of Bangkok 🙂

  • Anjan ROy

    Loved it thoroughly…and the best part for me was the Girls asking an hour…!!!

    Lovely photographs…

  • amazing post Big Mouth 🙂 !! I am still giggling on your wife’s shock on the 1000 bhatt deal of you 😀 with the flock of beautiful women 😀 😀 ..
    how casually you crack it !! hahaha
    beautiful captures !!
    and the floating market excites me to see it through my naked eyes sooner than later since I first saw it Roadies half a decade back ! 🙂

    • Men are cheap, mostly free! What to do? Make that trip, it is much better than its usual portrayal.

  • umashankar pandey

    You have held on to the tempo of the prequel. It was a pleasure reading about Ayutthaya and the floating market. Those are neat snapshots but the market and the spiked boats are my favourites.

    ps: I come cheaper (around 500 bhats an hour 😉 )

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    Superb writing !

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    Its Great travelling in Bangkok..Haven’t been there but heard a lot from my relatives,May be some day i will visit..BTW Nice Post and Sanps